Stephen M Kissler

Gates Cambridge Scholar
PhD candidate, University of Cambridge
Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
sk792  'at'  cam  'dot'  ac  'dot'  uk

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2016 July 11-14 - I'll be at the SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences and Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.
Talk: Identifying hubs of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in the United States

2016 June 15 - New post on Health Affairs Blog: "Making Hepatitis C a Rare Disease in the United States", by Victor Roy, Dave Chokshi, Stephen Kissler, and Prabhjot Singh.

2016 April 28 - I'll be speaking at the Allen Society's Easter term dinner.
Talk: Making mathematics infectious

2016 April 20 - I'll be presenting at the University of Cambridge Mathematics and Big Data Showcase.
Poster: Tracing the 2009 flu pandemic to its roots

2016 March 7 - I'll be presenting at the SET for Britain poster competition in the House of Commons.

2015 Dec 5-17 I'll be visiting the National Institutes of Health, hosted by Cécile Viboud.
Dec 11 - Identifying hubs of the 2009 influenza pandemic in the United States

2015 Dec 1-4 - I'll be at the Fifth International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics in Clearwater, FL.
Talk: Spatiotemporal patterns in age structure in the 2009 influenza pandemic in the United States